In the summertime…

April is a not a bad month: it’s when you can properly start looking forward to the summer – my favourite time of year! 

I simply can’t understand people who claim that winter is better – yes hot chocolate is very nice, as are winter fires, but that’s a small compensation for the cold and general stodginess that takes hold of most of that part of the year (and how often do you get a winter fire anyway?). That’s not to say I would wish there to be no winter – it only makes the summers better – and I certainly enjoy living somewhere where the changes in season are so evident all around you. 

But, here are the things I can’t wait for this summer:

  • The return of the sun. It’s been far too long, and I’m so excited for those days where, even in grey old Blighty, you can walk outside without a coat on, and feel your skin bask in the sun’s light. There were one or few days like this last month, giving a hint of what might be to come, but I’m looking forward to when that becomes normal for more than an hour here and there, before the sun retreats again behind a miserable old cloud.
  • Being able to walk home while it’s still light after dinner
  • Eating outside – picnics at lunchtime and barbecues in the evening
  • Summer clothes – when you can wear what you like in as many bright colours as you like. Dresses without tights, shorts, maxi dresses, flower patterns…. No need to worry about hats and scarfs and gloves and other boring things like that, or trying to protect every inch of your flesh from the biting wind outside.
  • Everything outside looking happy – the flowers blooming, the air smelling nice…
  • Vacation – even though I’m going to be working in London for most of this summer and not travelling anywhere exciting (sad face), I’m looking forward to having a change from what I’ve been doing most of the rest of the year and trying something new.
  • Summer drinks – cold iced cider, and Pimm’s are my absolute favs. And freshly squeezed orange juice.
  • Catching up with friends I don’t have the chance to see properly the rest of the year.
  • Weekend trips – to the country, to the beach, who knows… but hopefully a chance to see some new places, and maybe swim in the sea if it’s warm enough?
  • Ice cream. Not to say I don’t eat ice cream all year round, but it’s a million times better in the summer! Not to mention frozen yoghurt, lollies, sorbet and all those other wonderful chilly desserts…

Summer last year in Austria














That’s what I’m looking forward to – what about you?

(Inspiration from the Daily Prompt)


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