Other thoughts

I miss travelling

I’m now about two-thirds through my travel-less summer in London, and have just finished an eight-week internship in a big corporate technology company. While I’m genuinely glad to have had the experience of working in a regular office for two months (and even getting paid for it), I can’t say I’m too upset that I’m returning to being a student again – I’ll be spending the next month or so catching up on university work before I return in October for my final year. When I told my manager on Friday that I had learnt a lot from the internship I wasn’t lying – I think almost the best thing about it was that I had the chance to speak to so many different people about what they had done with their careers, how they had started out, and what they would recommend for people of my age. (more…)

An introduction to the real world

I took a break from writing blog-posts during last term as I found it was just too good an opportunity to procrastinate from doing actual uni-work, but now that it’s the summer holidays, I’m hoping I will have a bit more time to write a few more posts. That said, I’ve just joined twitter and am finding it strangely addictive even though I have next to no followers (so if you want to follow me, search for @JazzzyRG!)… and tweets are much more time-efficient to write than blog-posts!

This summer I’m doing an 8-week summer internship in London. It’s my first time doing a ‘proper’ internship (or indeed any work experience bar the two weeks I spent working in a theatre when I was 16, and a bit of waitressing when I was 18), the first time in 3 years that I’ve stayed in London for this long all in one go, and the first time that I have not filled my summer with trips and holidays back-to-back. So lots of new experiences! (more…)

Sexism and racism in Game of Thrones

***SPOILER ALERT: This post is about the Game of Thrones HBO TV show up to Series 4 (Ep.3) so may contain spoilers up to that point. I haven’t read the books, so I can’t comment on them.***

Game of Thrones is currently my favourite tv show – and it seems the same can be said for much of the rest of this country’s population! What’s not to like about a historical fantasy show with a stunning range of characters, exciting plots, and a couple of dragons thrown in for good measure? Well, over the past few days I have been reading quite a bit on the internet about Game of Thrones, and it’s been making me feel rather uncomfortable about my favourite show. In fact, the more I delve, the more problematic many elements of the show seem to be – I don’t think I could cover all the reasons why in one article, so this post will only touch on a few issues, but I’ve tried to include plenty of links so that you can look into it further if you’re interested. I’d recommend reading a couple of them if you’re a fan like me – I strongly believe that it’s possible to enjoy something like Game of Thrones even if large swathes of it ARE problematic – so long as you think about it a bit and acknowledge why and how it’s problematic. (There are some interesting articles on this topic here at Racialicious and here at Social Justice League.) (more…)

In the summertime…

April is a not a bad month: it’s when you can properly start looking forward to the summer – my favourite time of year! 

I simply can’t understand people who claim that winter is better – yes hot chocolate is very nice, as are winter fires, but that’s a small compensation for the cold and general stodginess that takes hold of most of that part of the year (and how often do you get a winter fire anyway?). That’s not to say I would wish there to be no winter – it only makes the summers better – and I certainly enjoy living somewhere where the changes in season are so evident all around you.  (more…)

Make up

I’ve been thinking quite a lot about make up lately, partly as a result of the recent #nomakeupselfie that’s been trending on Facebook. For a start, I wouldn’t usually bring make-up when I’m travelling, unless perhaps it’s a short city break with smart dinners out and the like. But even in my everyday life, I don’t wear a huge amount of make up, especially in the day time.

There’s been quite a lot of controversy about the #nomakeupselfie and rightly so – firstly because some people have been trying to claim that posting such a selfie is ‘courageous’ just like fighting cancer is. This is obviously bullshit, and incredibly belittling to the experiences of those with cancer. Then there’s the people who posted selfies on Facebook ‘for cancer awareness’ with no links or instructions regarding how to donate. As many have pointed out, there’s no shortage of awareness that cancer is a horrible disease, so I found these posts mildly infuriating and thoughtless. (more…)