I’m a 23 year-old Londoner who loves travel, photography and experiencing new places and cultures. The original idea for this blog was to see how long it would take to ‘collect’ eighty elephants from around the world, both real and depicted. I am currently quite far off this goal so it may take longer than I originally anticipated to hit 80! Click here to see my current progress. Apart from this I plan to write mainly about where I’m travelling or have travelled, but there might be a few posts on the side about other topics. I hope you enjoy reading – all photos are mine unless otherwise stated.


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  1. I love the name of your blog. I love elephants. I hope you find your 80. If you are looking for real ones, several national parks in Sri Lanka have great elephants. And I highly recommend Etoasha National Park in Namibia. Happy travels in your search for elephants!

    1. Thank you! Real elephants are very much on the wish list and I am hoping to see some later this year in Thailand, but I would love to go to Sri Lanka and Namibia to see the elephants there too at some point. But I think that will have to be a different trip!

  2. I´m really happy to discover your blog as I´m very interested in discovering Central Asia 🙂 plus your idea with the elephants ir truly fun 🙂 safe travels and read you soon! cheers PedroL

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