Elephant No. 39 – Corsica, France

I’m currently on a family holiday in the south of France: we spent one week in Montpellier, and now we have one week in the beautiful, mountainous island of Corsica before heading home. Unfortunately the search for elephants has been very unsuccessful and the best specimen so far has been this bright yellow cover decorated with several small red elephants that Clara and I found on a rock. We had to try and snap a picture of it before the family that owned it noticed, but unfortunately I think they must have seen us as they then gave us a very strange look as we went past! Whoops… 

I have discovered on this holiday that as much as I like beaches, I cannot spend all day roasting like a sausage on a spit on the sand. The beach with a book for a few hours in the afternoon combined with a dip in the sea is lovely; anything longer than that it becomes unpleasant and hot and sticky and is best avoided. The best solution is to do combine a beach trip with something else like a trip to a town, a historical site, or a water sport. Luckily Corsica is ideal for all of these. For water sports, so far I’ve tried tubing, water skiing and scuba diving. Tubing, it is safe to say, is not a sport I will be repeating (thank you Clara) as it tore the skin off my elbows in a very painful way. Only the next day did we notice that everyone else doing it had been given elbow protectors…

The other main activity of the trip has been shooting photos for my 14-year-old sister Clara, that might possibly be included in a much-anticipated Instagram post. I include here some of the photos that did not make the pick…

Slush puppies on the beach

Swimming in the pool

Experiments with the iphone self-timer

Composition of stripey sisters with neolithic stones

Modelling on the rocks


Best meal of the trip near Montpellier

Clara’s first trip to a “nightclub”

Father + froyos (my fav!)

No idea why this one wasn’t the Chosen One

“Look natural”


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