where next

Setting off again

I have recently started to plan my next trip away, and I am very excited about it! I’m flying into Beijing on the 4th July and am planning to spend six months in that area of the world – starting in Beijing, making my way down to Hong Kong through July and August with one of my closest friends, Katy, and then into Thailand and down through South East Asia (after Katy has gone home) with Alex. So far I’ve booked a flight out to Beijing and not much else – I’m not sure yet when I’ll want to fly back to England, or even from which country! It would be amazing to get all the way down to Australia, but I would rather take things at a slow pace and explore some places in detail than to feel pressed into making a certain flight home. (more…)

Where next?

As I wrote in my last post, it’s been too long since I last went travelling. While I’ve been to some pretty amazing countries over my 21 years (see here for my favourites) – some practical life choices this summer have meant that I can’t wait to hit the road again with a backpack. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to do this properly until July 2015 at the earliest (some pesky university finals to get out of the way in the meantime), but I thought I’d try and at least get the ball rolling in thinking about where I’d like to go then. (I have a year to fill as I am taking a break after uni.) Here follows a mix of childhood favourites I’d like to revisit and uncharted waters ready for mapping out… (more…)

I miss travelling

I’m now about two-thirds through my travel-less summer in London, and have just finished an eight-week internship in a big corporate technology company. While I’m genuinely glad to have had the experience of working in a regular office for two months (and even getting paid for it), I can’t say I’m too upset that I’m returning to being a student again – I’ll be spending the next month or so catching up on university work before I return in October for my final year. When I told my manager on Friday that I had learnt a lot from the internship I wasn’t lying – I think almost the best thing about it was that I had the chance to speak to so many different people about what they had done with their careers, how they had started out, and what they would recommend for people of my age. (more…)