Setting off again

I have recently started to plan my next trip away, and I am very excited about it! I’m flying into Beijing on the 4th July and am planning to spend six months in that area of the world – starting in Beijing, making my way down to Hong Kong through July and August with one of my closest friends, Katy, and then into Thailand and down through South East Asia (after Katy has gone home) with Alex. So far I’ve booked a flight out to Beijing and not much else – I’m not sure yet when I’ll want to fly back to England, or even from which country! It would be amazing to get all the way down to Australia, but I would rather take things at a slow pace and explore some places in detail than to feel pressed into making a certain flight home. (more…)

The Visa Again

After my experience with Iranian visas, I was slightly dreading putting in applications for Turkish visas, but alas, the task had fallen to me to get hold of six visas before we set off next month. Last time I went to Turkey (March 2012), you could just buy a visa on arrival in Istanbul airport for £10 – I thought the system was a bit strange because you HAD to pay in British sterling, which seemed a bit odd seeing as you were on Turkish soil. I don’t know what you would do if you had forgotten to bring British money with you to Turkey as there was no way of getting any British money when you got there – would you be sent back? Surely this would happen quite frequently, as it certainly wasn’t well advertised in advance that you would need this £10… (more…)