Holiday in a Box

Oli, Clara and I are very excited to announce the launch of our new business, Holiday in a Box!

The concept is simple – everything you need for a holiday to enjoy from the comfort of your home delivered in a box to your doorstep. We’ll send you a delicious spread of food and drink and curate a host of fun activities to transport you abroad: all you need to add is a touch of imagination and you’ll be relaxing by the banks of the Seine or the streets of Tokyo sometime soon!

We will be delivering boxes throughout London, and be forewarned – this is not just a meal kit delivery or a recipe box like you might have tried before. It is a whole experience to immerse yourself in for a day (or more).

We’d love you to come and try our first product, Paris in a Box, and stay tuned as we release more destinations later in the summer!


Click through here to visit our website and make a booking!


Elephant No. 9: Paris


This elephant is outside the Musée D’Orsay, in Paris. Here you can see me with my friend Zoe enjoying a bit of spring sunshine before a stroll along the Seine. I spent a few days in the French capital last week with my family and was generally stunned by a number of new architectural masterpieces that have opened recently, particularly the Fondation Louis Vuitton building and the new concert hall, the Philharmonie. But it’s always nice to revisit old friends too; below is me in front of the same elephant in 2010, aged 17. (more…)

Five days in France

I’m a big fan of the European short break – getting away from the UK for even a short amount of time can be very refreshing, and it is possible to pack a surprising amount into a few days. I’ve just got back from spending five days in France, split between Paris and Lyon (visiting friends in both places), and here are a few of my highlights – mainly food-related, what a surprise…

1) Brunch in Paris. My god do the French know how to do brunch: multiple courses, freshly squeezed orange juice, a mixture of normal brunch-y foods (i.e. a soft-boiled egg, excellent bread) with other more unusual things (i.e. chocolate tart, artichoke and chestnut soup) that I now feel SHOULD be standard breakfast fare. Was particularly surprised at the soup, as I’m not a big fan of artichoke normally but this was delish, also had the French chestnut sauce thing with yoghurt and liked it for the first time. Perhaps the English do make brunch like this, but I’ve certainly never seen anything like it – it took us about 3 hours to get through. (more…)

The View from Above

What is it about seeing things, especially cities, from above? Whenever I go to a foreign city, one of the must-do activities is always to climb some big tower or hill to see the view. Is this just so that you can orientate yourself and get a mental picture of where everything is in the city? Or to give you a good impression of how big the city is overall, which is hard to determine when you’ve just arrived and have only seen the area around wherever you’re staying? (more…)