Elephant No. 10: Oxford

A slightly different kind of elephant, these are elephant skeletons from the Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford. It took me four years to manage to squeeze a visit into this museum and when I did get there, the dodo (which I was most excited to see) was on loan somewhere else…

african elephant   baby elephant



Oxford Bucket List

As I’m going back next week for my last year among the Dreaming Spires, I thought I would make a list of things in the city I want to do this year. I may add to this list if I think of more things, and hope to tick things off one by one throughout the year. Do join me on one (or more) if you like ☺ (more…)

May Day in Oxford

This Thursday morning, the 1st May, I celebrated May Day. It’s a tradition that I have taken part in for the past three years, as there’s always lots going on in Oxford to mark the date, much of which is specifically connected to my college, Magdalen. I always find it an interesting holiday as it blends so many different cultures – originally a pagan festival marking the start of summer (it’s approximately halfway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice), it was adapted when Christianity was adopted in this country, and now also has strong associations with International Workers’ Day… (more…)