The Women’s Boat Race

The Women’s Boat Race



Boats racing at Henley

I’ll be the first to admit that I know next to zilch about the strange sport of rowing. With a heavy contingent of rowing-crazy friends among my acquaintances though, I can usually just about follow the ‘rowing chat’ – even if it sometimes (read: often) bores me to death. As someone who dislikes both early mornings and most forms of exercise, I just don’t think I’ll ever understand their motivation! However, Henley is just about the loveliest place that you can spend a sunny English weekend in spring, which is exactly what I did last week, to watch the annual Oxford-Cambridge women’s boat-race. To be honest, the race itself you only watch for about five minutes (and it was quite exciting even I have to admit), but it’s one of the nicest bits of the countryside that I know, and I’d be happy to go back another weekend, rowing or no rowing. (It would also be especially nice to go not with a splitting hangover!) It’s very easy to get to from London – only about an hour on the train – so if you have a spare sunny Sunday approaching, I’d recommend a visit. The river sparkles in a very nice river sort of way, and there’s good pubs in the town itself.