Korean food in China

Another excellent interactive form of food we have now tried in China is the Korean barbeque. Similar to the hot pot we first had in Beijing (and have had repeatedly since!) in that you order a number of plates of raw food and then cook them in the middle of the table, but different in that you cook them on a sort of mini barbecue inset into the table rather than in boiling soup. We tried duck, beef and pork, the latter of which was especially tasty – before coming to China I didn’t think much of pork as I associate it with rather bland pork chops in England, but China has made me completely change my mind about this – pork can be delicious! Once the meat is cooked you eat it by wrapping it in a lettuce leaf parcel along with a number of sauces and additions, including onion, sweet potato, quail egg and many things I don’t know the name of.  (more…)