Elephant No. 18: Koh Tao, Thailand 

A rather lovely if unassuming little elephant carrying a bowl of water bigger than itself that I almost overlooked due to its short height in Koh Tao.



  1. Hi jazzy, I’m loving your blog. I’m travelling through Russia on the trans Siberian (which I think you have done! ) on my way to Charlie’s graduation in Melbourne. I’ve just been to Olkhon Island on lake baikul and instead of elephants I’m ‘collecting’ swims and this must be one of the best in the world! But while I was there I saw lovely little elephant made of some local stone. I should have taken a photo for you 🙂
    Hope you are having lots of fun

    1. Hi Sara! That sounds amazing – yes we did go on the Trans-Siberian (must be almost ten years ago now!) and we stopped off in Lake Baikal but it was completely frozen over when we were there and certainly nowhere to swim. I remember watching fishing in holes in the ice and also saunas where men jumped straight into the snow outside to cool off! I have a little purple seal made of stone from there back in my room in London…

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