Elephant No. 10: Oxford

A slightly different kind of elephant, these are elephant skeletons from the Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford. It took me four years to manage to squeeze a visit into this museum and when I did get there, the dodo (which I was most excited to see) was on loan somewhere else…

african elephant   baby elephant


Here you can see an African adult elephant on the left, and a baby elephant on the right. Of course I don’t know how these elephant skeletons were obtained, and I hope they were from animals that died of natural causes, but I really don’t know – I shall continue to believe the best until I know otherwise…

This museum visit also rounded up my final-year Oxford bucket list attempt – I didn’t by any means get to everywhere I wanted to, but it’s always good to have reasons to come back somewhere. Oxford is a beautiful and inspirational city and I’m very sad to be leaving after four years – excited for new adventures as well of course – but I certainly hope to come back one day.

In other news, here is a campaign close to my heart, if you’re looking for something to support: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/the_race_to_save_the_elephants_donate_loc/


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