Setting off again

I have recently started to plan my next trip away, and I am very excited about it! I’m flying into Beijing on the 4th July and am planning to spend six months in that area of the world – starting in Beijing, making my way down to Hong Kong through July and August with one of my closest friends, Katy, and then into Thailand and down through South East Asia (after Katy has gone home) with Alex. So far I’ve booked a flight out to Beijing and not much else – I’m not sure yet when I’ll want to fly back to England, or even from which country! It would be amazing to get all the way down to Australia, but I would rather take things at a slow pace and explore some places in detail than to feel pressed into making a certain flight home.

The strange thing is that because it’s been a while since I last went on an extended trip (the last one was probably 5 weeks in Peru in Easter 2013) that I have sort of forgotten what I need to do in advance! If I have a flight booked out, and I know we need to organise visas and vaccinations, is there anything else big I have forgotten??? I feel I am missing something…

I’m not fussed too much about having a detailed route planned out before leaving because it’s always fun to be able to plan things like that as you’re going along, but I still keep asking people who have visited China before what are the best places to see (excellent procrastination), and we are starting to build a list of names that at the moment only look like foreign-sounding words to me, but I’m hoping will miraculously morph into exciting days and interesting sights!!

The other strange thing is the idea that I’ll be travelling for six months straight – with two different people, and hoping to meet up with a few other friends who are also travelling or living in Asia while we’re there, so it will be broken up a bit – but it’s something I have always dreamed of doing, and I can’t quite believe that I’ll actually be setting off in six months time! I am sure travelling for six months will feel very different from a 5 week trip, like Peru, and there are lots of people that I’ll miss when I’m gone, but right now I can’t wait to get on that first flight out in July…only a few pesky university finals getting in the way between now and then!



  1. How exciting! I’ve been living in Beijing for the last couple years and travelled round the rest of China and some of Asia a bit in that time too. Hope you enjoy it! Definitely make sure you get your visa sorted for Beijing! Also- mosquito repellent and sun cream are definitely on the packing list for summer here!

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