Oxford Bucket List

As I’m going back next week for my last year among the Dreaming Spires, I thought I would make a list of things in the city I want to do this year. I may add to this list if I think of more things, and hope to tick things off one by one throughout the year. Do join me on one (or more) if you like ☺ Bars and pubs

  • The Turf (Oxford’s prettiest pub)
  • Cape of Good Hope (nice and close by the Magdalen roundabout) – DONE 06/10 with Magdalen MCR
  • Chequers
  • House
  • The Duke of Cambridge
  • Raoul’s (best cocktails in town)
  • Angels
  • Cafe Coco DONE 13/05
  • Kazbar DONE 23/06 with Katy & Krook, also v tasty tapas
  • The Perch Inn
  • Four Candles (student standard)
  • All Bar One – DONE
  • St Peter’s Bar (Cross-keys) DONE 01/12 with Laura and Krook 
  • Cocktails on top of Varsity Club/No. 9 – DONE 17/06 with Lux and Dejan
  • The Trout – DONE in June 

Restaurants (tried and tested)

  • Pierre Victoire (my favourite restaurant in Oxford) DONE 25/06 with Alex
  • Cote
  • Vaults and Gardens (another fav) DONE 02/10 with Laura and Krook
  • Turl Street Kitchen (and this one…) DONE lots of times
  • Jin Jin’s DONE 27/10 with lots of people
  • Thai restaurant by Chequers (Chiang Mai?) DONE with Rosie 21/01
  • Kebab van
  • Moya (when it’s open! It’s never open when I want to go…) DONE 19/10 
  • La Cucina (great Italian restaurant) DONE (october)
  • Mario’s pizza restaurant
  • Greek taverna
  • Quod
  • Red Star noodle bar (best value for money)
  • Noodle nation

Restaurants (less well-known)

  • Sushi restaurants in Cowley (Taberu and Sushi Corner Oxford) Taberu DONE
  • High table DONE with Alex
  • Brasserie Blanc (fancy smancy) – DONE 27/10 with Alex
  • Loch Fyne DONE 19/06 with Alex
  • Gee’s
  • St. Aldate’s Tavern
  • Door 74 DONE with Erika
  • Edamame (for sushi night or otherwise) – DONE 07/03
  • Combibos DONE 02/10 with Meakin
  • Brown’s
  • The Nosebag DONE 24/10 with Rosie
  • Big Soc DONE Feb ’15 with Alex
  • Branca
  • Magdalen Arms
  • Oli’s Thai DONE 23/06 with Alex
  • New High Table restaurant – DONE at Easter


  • Taylors (my regular coffee shop) DONE 26/10
  • Olive’s (best sandwiches in town) DONE 01/10 with Alex
  • Have a cookie from Ben’s cookies (so good) DONE november
  • G&D’s for icecream (perhaps in the summer) DONE 22/06 with Katy
  • The bubble tea cafe I always see advertised (what even is bubble tea??)

Other food and drink activities

  • Formal hall at Magdalen DONE Hilary with Millie, Laura, Ellie, Andy
  • Formal hall at two other colleges (including maybe the New College tent) DONE at St Peter’s 01/12, at Somerville 16/06
  • Have a picnic DONE 16/06
  • G&T’s with whichever quintet members are in Ox
  • Cheese night
  • Have a BBQ DONE 15/06 in Batwillow
  • Go for tea with scones


  • The Ashmolean, main collection (should definitely have come here more than I have)
  • The Ashmolean, temporary exhibition
  • Oxford Castle (never been here before)
  • Blenheim Palace (only a day trip from Oxford)
  • Pitt Rivers Museum (I’ve never set foot in here once, I’d like to see the dodo) DONE 22/06 although the dodo was away
  • Science museum by the Sheldonian
  • The Hinksey outdoor swimming pool (I’ve tried and failed to go here every year)
  • Carfax Tower
  • Magdalen Tower (the view is AMAZING) DONE 23/06
  • The tower of St Mary’s church (above Vaults and Gardens)
  • The choir singing on May Morning


  • Port Meadow (possibly with swimming?) DONE 18/06
  • Addison’s walk (one of my fav places in town) DONE lots of times in Hilary
  • University Park Done on way back from Nigel & Marian’s
  • Christ Church Meadow DONE in Trinity
  • The Sheldonian Theatre Done for OUO concert
  • Botanic Garden (this is right opposite where I live, and I’ve only been once)
  • River Cherwell DONE by jumping in after exams


  • Punting, Magdalen bridge
  • Punting, up to the pub past the Cherwell boathouse
  • Play in a concert DONE with OUO concert
  • Play some chamber music
  • See a play
  • Park End cheese floor
  • Magdalen evensong DONE 20/06
  • Evensong at a different college
  • Go to a vintage store in Cowley
  • Go to a debate at the Union
  • Go to a talk at the Union DONE with Bob Bechek
  • Buy cheese at the Covered Market

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