An introduction to the real world

I took a break from writing blog-posts during last term as I found it was just too good an opportunity to procrastinate from doing actual uni-work, but now that it’s the summer holidays, I’m hoping I will have a bit more time to write a few more posts. That said, I’ve just joined twitter and am finding it strangely addictive even though I have next to no followers (so if you want to follow me, search for @JazzzyRG!)… and tweets are much more time-efficient to write than blog-posts!

This summer I’m doing an 8-week summer internship in London. It’s my first time doing a ‘proper’ internship (or indeed any work experience bar the two weeks I spent working in a theatre when I was 16, and a bit of waitressing when I was 18), the first time in 3 years that I’ve stayed in London for this long all in one go, and the first time that I have not filled my summer with trips and holidays back-to-back. So lots of new experiences!

I thought that I would be massively envious of everyone I knew going off on exciting travels, but luckily that isn’t yet the case – perhaps it will come later when the novelty of the new job wears thin. It’s been so exciting working in an office, and having a stab at living in the real world instead of the strange and rather surreal Oxford bubble I usually inhabit. There have certainly been points of the internship that have been pretty dull where I didn’t have anything to do except for sitting at a computer and trying to make myself look useful, but in the past week I’ve been given projects to work on that I’ve actually found pretty interesting. Other positives have included getting my first pay check (yesterday!), meeting lots of great people, feeling very professional in my office attire and the free food that is served when clients are around (student mentality). The main downside so far has been trying to adjust to getting up at 7 every morning, but I think I’m starting to get there! Which for me is no small achievement…

This morning was the first lie-in I’ve had in a few weeks as last weekend I was helping prepare a 21st birthday party, and dashing off to a wedding (another first for me), but working in the week certainly makes you appreciate the time off – being able to hit snooze on the alarm, eating breakfast at whatever pace I like in the kitchen looking out into the garden and thinking how nice and sunny it is, washing my hair and being able to let it dry naturally without frantically attacking it with a hair-dryer, passing midday and still not being dressed…

The other thing about not travelling anywhere this summer, and almost certainly not being able to go anywhere next academic year (or at least not anywhere for any decent amount of time) is that I’m able to look forward to next summer already. I’d love to plan a big trip (maybe 5-6 months or so), and set off and for all those travel-y sensations to feel completely fresh and new – the excitement of waiting in an airport, the confusion when trying to figure out a new city’s bus network, the thrill of swimming in a beautiful lake, the stumbling over a new language, the hostel chit-chat, the hustle and bustle of a town-market – all things I feel that last summer were starting to become a bit too second-nature to me. But for the moment I’m quite happy pretending to be an adult in London.


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