Getting home

I got back from Turkey last night after a fabulous ten days there. But it’s reminded me of how mixed my feelings can be whenever I come home to London. On the one hand, there’s the sadness that you’re leaving – but on the other hand, the excitement of seeing people you’ve missed, and happiness if the trip that you had been planning for months has gone successfully for the most part. Or by converse, in the unlikely event that a trip abroad hasn’t gone as expected, there’s the relief that you won’t have to see X ever again – whether X be a disliked fellow traveller, a destination that didn’t live up to your dreams, or a particularly unpleasant restaurant owner. Anyway, here’s a roundup of some of the things that struck me this morning.

Things that make me sad about coming home:

The weather. This is a particularly obvious one, but as I like travelling to sunny climates, the chances are that I’ll arrive home to be greeted with pouring rain. This time I was pleasantly surprised by a clear sky as we landed in Stansted (even if I was at the same time hastily reaching for a jumper). The rain held off until we were in the car from the airport (how kind of it), but now I can look outside and see grey sky and puddles. Yesterday morning I had breakfast in the sun in shorts with a glass of orange juice. It’s the stark contrast between then and now in such a short space of time that often puts a downer on a return home.

Returning to your everyday life. Not that I dislike my everyday life, but I always get a sinking feeling when I come back to England that it’s back to the grindstone, and no more lazing around in the sun, or visiting exciting new places or trying new things. In this case it’s the prospect of a couple of (minor) exams in a few days time that I was blissfully ignoring while in Turkey. No one likes revision.

Life in holiday destination continuing without you. This is one that always gets me – while I’m back home returning to my normal British life, everything in Turkey is continuing along without me. New travellers will be settling into my hotel room and just about to start a trip of their own, it’s them the hotel manager will be friendly to, them the street sellers will be offering ice creams and boat trips. I can’t help but be a bit jealous! Even aside from the tourism industry, it’s the fact that the people I met and the places I saw will continue along quite happily without me, and it’s also quite likely I won’t see them again, or at least if I do, they will be rather different.

Things that make me happy about coming home:

Free internet. I have to say I’m a bit ashamed about this one, but when I touched down in England I can’t pretend I wasn’t a bit excited to be able to turn the 3G on my phone back on. No more asking for WiFi codes in hotels, no more frustration when said WiFi doesn’t actually reach up to your room, no more having to leech off cafe wifi to collect emails. I now have internet on the go – and what’s more, it doesn’t take ten minutes to load one page.

Cheddar cheese. Not that I didn’t like Turkish cheese (I did, immensely), but the cheddar cheese I had this morning for breakfast has honestly never tasted better. I don’t think I realised before just how rich and nutty it is! Turkish cheese is of the feta variety and although it’s very tasty, it can get a bit monotonous after a while.

Earl Grey tea. Again, I loved all the apple tea I had in Turkey, but oh my god do I now remember how much I love English tea.

My bed. As someone who often has difficulty getting to sleep at night, a return to my oh-so-comfortable bed is a big bonus of coming home. I’m only in London for a couple of days before going back to university, but I’m certainly going to take full advantage of the fact I have a bed with no lumps and hard bits to have some good nights’ sleep.

Pets. What could be better than a big cuddle with a small, black, fluffy cockapoo named Nero when you get home? I feel especially bad as I KNOW he would have LOVED Turkey – so many exciting sights and smells for an excitable puppy!

What are you favourite and worst bits about coming home?


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