Cave Hotels: Interesting places to stay (#1)

In Cappadocia, we stayed for three days in a cave hotel. This isn’t in itself surprising as the town of Goreme is entirely made up of cave hotels, but it is the first time that I have stayed in such a place – and to be honest, I haven’t seen any other ‘cave hotels’ advertised anywhere else in the world. The town is built on a hillside with many natural caves: some of the hotels make use of these, others have carved their own rooms out, and some of the cheaper places have built cave-lookalike rooms out of stone. Because of the steep slope of the hillside, most of the hotels end up looking as though they have several stories – our hotel (Turquaz Hotel) was fairly small but still had three levels, with a couple of rooms on each level. The rooms were a mixture of real cave and imitation cave, but even so it was a real experience to sleep – and even shower – in a cave!

Turquaz Cave Hotel

Turquaz Cave Hotel

Have you ever stayed in a cave hotel, Cappadocian or otherwise?


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