Turkey in ten days

Tomorrow morning I’m going to Turkey for ten days with my family. I’m excited because the last time I was in Turkey was only two years ago and I really enjoyed it; that trip had a fairly strong Classical focus as we travelled for a month down the Western Coast from Istanbul visiting many fantastic ancient Greek sites along the way such as Troy, Ephesus and Aphrodisias. This time we’re on a shorter timetable so our trip will have three stops.



Our Itinerary

A) Istanbul. The “cliche” is that this is the place where East meets West – but it really is! You can cross from Europe to Asia and back again just by going over a bridge – and that sort of novelty doesn’t wear off quickly – maybe I’m easily amused. Anyway – because of its fairly crucial geographical position this is a city brimming with history and interesting places tucked away to visit so I’m well excited to do some more exploring.

B) Cappadocia – this will be a new visit for me, but I’ve heard so many great things about it from other travellers. It’s essentially famous for its unusual ‘rock formations’, which sounds a bit dry but apparently is worth the rather long detour! I’m also interested to see what inland Turkey is like – last time we stayed pretty much on the coast which is fairly developed, modern-looking and tourist-focused. Cappadocia is quite a big tourist destination so it might be no different to the coast but I guess we’ll find out when we get there.

C) Antalya – only managed to squeeze in one night here two years ago, so I’m looking forward to a slightly more in-depth visit. And I have to say the beach and/or hammam will probably have quite a strong pull too…

Check back here if you want to hear more about the trip!


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